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About Me

Allo! Welcome to my website!
This site is meant to serve as a portal to SnoopiTek's various projects and services.
Such as WindowsG Electronics, Snoopie's World Archive, and Snoopie's World!

Lemme show you around:

Snoopie's World Archive
Main part of the site, A collection of guides and resources I cant find anywhere else.
More personal site for more personal thingies, like this site but more unhinged.
WindowsG Electronics
My-.. err SnoopiTek's main project, a YouTube channel where I talk at random tech stuff.
Ko-Fi Donation Page
If you really really like what I do you can contribute to help keep the lights on if you'd like :3
Contact Us
Most 'upest to datest' methods to contact me.

Thanks for reading! <3
Last Updated July, 24th 2022